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About us

Departments of the Faculty of Agricultural Science & Engineering are as follows:


II-1 Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding

Founded in 1917, Agronomy and Plant Breeding Dept. is the oldest and the largest in the country. The Department's mission is to make contributions to the county's agricultural production and world science through teaching, research, and extension. The Department acts as the state two Scientific Centers of Excellence: Forage Crops Production and Breeding, Pulse Crops Production and Breeding.

II-2 Department of Animal Science

Offering Animal Science course first began in 1945 in the College of Agriculture until the founding of the Livestock Research Farm in 1955. In 1956 Animal Husbandry major as part of the Bachelor of Agricultural Science was launched. Later, in 1961, the major became the Bachelor in Agricultural Science, lead to the Department of Animal Science which was being recognized as part of the College of Agriculture in 1963. The Masters of Animal Science in the University of Tehran was first introduced in 1967. The PhD program in Animal Nutrition was added in 1984.

II-3 Department of Horticultural Science  

The department of Horticultural Sciences was founded in 1956. At present, students are admitted at three levels of B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in horticultural sciences. Landscape design, was added as another branch of study at the department from year 2000. In addition to the routine courses, the department offers the principle and basic courses of general horticulture and botany for the students from other departments. Fruit and vegetable production, Floriculture, and breeding products of Medicinal and Spicy plants are the minors of study at this department. This department acts as the state Scientific Center of Excellence for "Breeding and Biotechnology of Stone Fruit Rootstocks".

II-4 Department of Plant Protection

Identification of plant pests and diseases, as well as their control are among the aims pursued in this department. This is the oldest department of the college, with a record of more than 70 years of educational and research activities. Known as the "Division of Pest Control" in 1940, the courses of zoology, entomology and toxicology as well as plant pest and disease control were offered. The "Division" changed its name to the "Department of Plant Protection" in 1965. At present the department offers its education at B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels. The department of plant protection offers the general courses of entomology and plant pathology as basic agricultural courses for the majority of students at the college. This department acts as the state Scientific Center of Excellence for Biological Control of Plant Pests and Diseases.